Refurbished Greenhouse Equipment

Up the ante on your greenhouse environment with pre-owned and refurbished greenhouse equipment from manufactures as Aweta,Greefa,Perfect,Maf for Graders All European-made equipment is manufactured with global greenhouse growers in mind.

Top Products

Our cucumber grading and processing equipment can be used for mini, English cucumbers. Graders come fully equipped with Weight / lenght grading options

Bell pepper / tomato grading and processing equipment are fully equipped with a standard digital weight system and options like vision color and size grading

Fruits - Greenhouse Equipment

If you're in the market for TOV grading and processing equipment, we carry those as well, these can be used for cherry, grape, beefsteak, vine-ripened, and every other type of tomato you can think of.

Additional Options

The machines we carry are available with a variety of options, including a box-dumper, a vision camera system that handles control of length and diameter, a sizing system, an unloading system, and various different sealers and wrappers.

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