Photo Album Used Equipment

Aweta Pre-Owned

                Aweta GS11 Cucumber Grader 2007 auto discharge (click for You Tube)     GS Aweta used     

 Greefa Pre-owend

                    Greefa semi auto fill 2005 (auto fill system constructed by Hortimat in 2013)     Greefa 2008 4/20 semi auto fill Color/size/weight     

Taks Pre-Owned

                Taks TOV packline 2004 TOV unloader by Taks 2004

Rail Carts Pre-Owned and New

                    Rail carts in all rail sizes and lifts available      all sizes available

Palletizers Pre-owned

                 Pallet stackerPallet tizer unit

NEW Crop Shedder

        New Crop Shredder        New Crop Shredder

Taks New Installation    

                  Taks New Installation TOVUnloading with buffer

 Boix Box Maker

automatic box makerBox stacker included